How to prepare for a strong project kickoff

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So, you’ve hired me to design and develop your awesome WordPress website. Yippee!

  • We’ve come to agreement.
  • You’ve signed the contract.
  • You’ve sent the deposit.
  • And we’re scheduled for a kickoff call to get your project started.

What is a kickoff call?

The kickoff phone call is the official beginning of our work together. No work has been done yet, and on this call, we’re going to review the direction, talk about specifics, and get things started. We’re about to embark on a big adventure together—and I’m pumped!

At this point, clients often ask me:

How can I prepare for our kickoff call?

Here’s what can you do to be ready, and help make this kickoff awesome:

  • Ensure you have completed the project questionnaire. We will go through this questionnaire on the call. It’s also something I refer to regularly while designing. The most important things are knowing who you’re trying to target, what action you want them to take, and what other sites they may be considering. This gives me a good idea of where you’re heading and who they’re going to be reviewing my work against.
  • Send me your content, photos, logo files and branding elements. The content helps me design, because it gives me a thorough understanding of who, why and what. In addition to organized website content, I’ll need your logo, plus any photos and branding elements I may want to use in the design. Give me as much stuff as you have; I’ll use my discretion. Send these files in whichever way is easiest for you. Some of the best ways are Google Drive, Dropbox or an email with attachments. Seriously, if it’s all together and easy for you, then it works for me!
  • Bring your favorite beverage to sip as we chat. If you’ve filled out the questionnaire and have a good handle on the content, you’ll be golden! That means I have everything I need to lead the conversation…so take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back and grab your sweet tea or cappuccino. I’ll undoubtedly be drinking coffee.

If I haven’t received these things a couple days before the kickoff, I’ll remind you.

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