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How to handle the need for instant gratification

If you’re in an eligible zip code, you can get Amazon deliveries within just hours. Pretty amazing when you need cough medicine and can’t leave the house. But slightly less amazing when you realize it’s affecting the way we all want things immediately. If, as humans, we had the ability to wait … Read On ›

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How to prepare for a strong project kickoff

So, you’ve hired me to design and develop your awesome WordPress website. Yippee! We’ve come to agreement.You’ve signed the contract.You’ve sent the deposit.And we’re scheduled for a kickoff call to get your project started. What is a kickoff call? The kickoff phone call is the official beginning of our work … Read On ›

Your Online Portfolio: 5 Steps to Awesomeness

As designers, showing work in an online portfolio is a must-have. Potential clients want to see visual examples of your projects. After all, they are hiring us to create stunning designs, and they need to see what we've cooked up in the past to know if we're a … Read On ›