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How to prepare for a strong project kickoff

So, you’ve hired me to design and develop your awesome WordPress website. Yippee! We’ve come to agreement.You’ve signed the contract.You’ve sent the deposit.And we’re scheduled for a kickoff call to get your project started. What is a kickoff call? The kickoff phone call is the official beginning of our work … Read On ›

Want a simple client intake process? Check this out.

Lots of clients say my onboarding process is easy-peasy and super straightforward. They want to do the same thing for their businesses instead of 55 emails containing estimates, contracts, and questionnaires—and a big giant dose of back-and-forth. So today, I’m pulling back the curtain! Want a client … Read On ›

Website creative briefs: 5 things to pry about

Last time, I shared tips on preparing your design for your web developer. That’s a very important step—but what about the stuff that happens before that? Long before design ever happens, you’ll need to gather information from your client. If you’re adding web design to your list … Read On ›