Creatives need contracts. Here’s a free resource.

Tennis players need rackets.

Potters need clay.

Guitar players need guitars.

And as a creative professional, there are certain tools you NEED to get your work done: your computer, your software, etc…

A contract is just as important as your other tools. It’s critical in helping you get your work done.

As a WordPress designer and developer, my contract is just as important to me as—you got it—WordPress!

If there’s just one thing I could do for you, it’s this: Make you understand how essential a contract is when you’re doing freelance work.

A tennis player wouldn’t play without a racket. A guitarist wouldn’t play without a guitar. And you should never (ever!) work without a contract. It’s not just to protect you—but to make your clients feel confident and comfortable, too!

There is absolutely no reason to be designing without a contract because I’ve shared mine—for free—with the community of freelancers and creative business owners at Millo in my latest guest post: Freelance contract template to secure your work and get paid (free download).

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