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man pushing baby stroller

Advice for freelancers taking parental leave

New year, new baby? Yet another unique part of being self-employed is that we don’t “get” maternity or parental leave—we have to create it ourselves. No problem! We create our own businesses…so heck yes, we can handle creating some paid parental leave too. With proper planning, it can be … Read On ›

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Creatives need contracts. Here’s a free resource.

Tennis players need rackets. Potters need clay. Guitar players need guitars. And as a creative professional, there are certain tools you NEED to get your work done: your computer, your software, etc... A contract is just as important as your other tools. It’s critical in helping you get your work done. As … Read On ›

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My favorite WordPress plugins

The day I got a lemon squeezer kinda changed my life. No more squeezing lemons by hand…and it’s so much easier than the classic lemon juicer. Sometimes a specific tool just makes things so much easier and more efficient! That’s how I feel about my favorite WordPress … Read On ›

I rank #2 on Google!

A great-looking website that speaks to your clients’ needs? That’s awesome. When this website finds clients for you? Even better! Clients can find your website if you help them (by making your website more findable). This is essentially what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is—making your website findable for search … Read On ›