Want to meet your goals and not be a slacker? Try this…

Doing the same thing. Expecting different results.  

This is how Albert Einstein defined insanity.

And it was my attempted approach at business-growth for many years.

I plodded away for years on my own, trying to focus my business and get better clients. But nothing happened. I was banging my head against the wall. Finally I realized that I could actually do things differently—and achieve different (better!) results—and that was a pretty cool realization.

If I wanted to stop feeling like a big-ole-slacker, I needed some help.

So I gave myself permission to get some help (a.k.a. hiring a business coach).

Why? Because I was running a real gosh-darn business, hell yeah I was! And business owners get help!

Are you trying and trying to reach your goals—but it’s not working? Are you tired of feeling like a big-ole-slacker? Maybe it’s time to do things differently.

Check out my latest guest post on Freelancers Union, Get accountable (so you don’t feel like a slacker).

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