Repeat after me: No.

Today I want to share a very real scenario that’s plaguing business owners everywhere. It looks something like this…

Your brain: “I should say no to this request.”

Your mouth: “Sure, no problem!”

When you mind says no, but your mouth keeps saying yes, you get yourself into quite the predicament. You can end up in a never-ending avalanche of doing stuff you don’t want to do be doing. Stuff that’s pushing your boundaries. Stuff that doesn’t serve you. Stuff that isn’t helping you achieve your goals.

All because your mouth keeps saying “yes.”

Just Say No

Well today, I want you to practice the word “no.” Repeat after me.

No, No, No. Feels good, right?

Today, I told a long time client “no”. The email went something like this:

Client: How are ya?? I have the concept for a holiday card and want to see if you are interested and have the time. Thoughts? Questions?

Me: I love that you thought of me for this project; however, I’m really only focusing on custom WordPress website projects and no print. So, I’m not the best fit for your holiday card. I’ll be excited to see it!

Client: I totally understand! While we’re chatting, I’ll have a white paper ready for design next month. Shall I line someone else up for it?

Me: You know, that would probably be a good idea. I really like working with you, but it does help my schedule when I stick to the web projects.

Client: Sure! I get it!! And it goes without saying, I really like working with you too!

I said “no” (twice) and everything worked out ok in the end.

How to Say No

I’m on a crusade to empower freelancers and creatives to use the word “no”…and in my latest blog post on Millo, I talk about How to say “no” when a client isn’t respecting your boundaries.

It takes practice, and repetition—but soon your mouth will start listening to your brain—and your business and life will be much better off because of it. Even if your boundaries have already been breached—it’s not too late to re-establish them and take the reins back.

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