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Three peas in a pod saying Best Friends Forever

Make Google your BFF

There’s someone I really need you to meet. Her name is Google. And making friends with her is one of the best things you can do for your business marketing strategy. Hello, Google. I’m Jill. It’s nice to meet you. Fortunately, making friends with Google doesn’t require starting actual … Read On ›

I rank #2 on Google!

A great-looking website that speaks to your clients’ needs? That’s awesome. When this website finds clients for you? Even better! Clients can find your website if you help them (by making your website more findable). This is essentially what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is—making your website findable for search … Read On ›

Is Your Website a Hit with Search Engines?

How to have high rankings on search engines (a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization or SEO) is a very debatable subject, but the tips and tricks listed in this article should give you a good start. For clarity, we're talking about natural listings that appear in the main section of … Read On ›