How to evaluate your web content

Content marketing is my favorite marketing tool, and to do this effectively, you need to write about things people care about. One way to figure that out is to evaluate your web content and take a good look at what’s been working thus far.

Start by delving into analytics including Google Analytics as well as any analytic plugins on your WordPress site like Jetpack. What posts garner the most traffic? What’s your most popular day and hour?

Look at the posts that receive the most comments and that have inspired some pretty nifty conversation on your blog.

Sum all of this up in a list or format that makes sense to you to get a good sense of what’s working. Below I’ve listed out my Top Posts, Most Commented Posts, and Most Popular Day and Hour.

Web Content Evaluation 2020

Top Posts

Most Commented Posts

Most Popular Day and Hour

According to Jetpack’s Site Stats, Wednesdays are my most popular day and 11am is my most popular hour.

Originally posted February 9, 2016:

Last year was a great year, and to make 2016 even better, I have a few goals. One of them is to increase engagement (commenting and sharing) with my content on my blog, newsletter, and social media. I want to write more about things that people care about. To figure that out, I took a good look at what I’ve been doing thus far.

I started by delving into my analytics. I’ve been blogging for 3 years—and have 63 posts!—and I took some time to see which posts were the most popular and which posts were getting Google traffic.

Web Content Evaluation 2016

Top Posts

Most Commented Posts

Most Popular Day and Hour

According to Jetpack’s Site Stats, Mondays at 11am are all the rage 🙂

MailChimp Top Campaigns

I also checked my MailChimp campaigns to see which topics were most popular and what people were clicking on.


What have I learned? Looking back at the years of content marketing via my blog and newsletter, my audience seems to like:

  • When I address a problem they might be facing
  • When I update my website
  • When I share helpful business processes

What have you learned from assessing your content marketing and evaluating your web content?

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3 thoughts on “How to evaluate your web content

  1. Jill, my most popular posts are my SEO posts. I had shared one of my posts on SEO directories in the comments section of a Manta blog post, and my visits skyrocketed to a few hundred visits per day for the next 2-3 days. The posts where I documented my journey to the top of Google for web design related keywords seemed to drive some traffic as well. I’ve laid off writing SEO posts because I wanted to add more blog posts in my other categories.

    1. Good stuff, Tom! I’m thinking that I might do a series of blog posts to document updating my website since I’m about to rebuild the whole thing 🙂

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