You don’t have to do everything. It’s okay to ask for help.

If you’re trying to carry 6 shopping bags and push a baby stroller through a narrow doorway—somebody might see you and help.

If you’re staring at a map on a street corner while looking perplexed—somebody might see you and help.

But if you’re toiling away at your work, behind closed doors, nobody will see you and help.

To get help, you need to ask for it … I hear sighs. Have trouble asking for help? That’s precisely why we’re having this talk today!

I know, I know. It’s nice to think we can do it all ourselves.

And we probably can. Well, maybe—if we eliminate sleep, family time, social time, and recreation. I think balance is better. My mantra? It’s okay to ask for help! In life. And in business.

How to know if you need help? Alarm signals include:

  • Confusion, frustration or disdain outweighs your desire.
  • It should have been done—like yesterday.
  • You haven’t slept, eaten, or spoken to other humans today.
  • Spillage: Plate is overflowing, things are getting missed.
  • Hair pulling. Procrastination. Crying. Shouting. More crying.

7 business-altering benefits of asking for help:

Is it hard to justify asking for help? I’ll make it easier…

  1. Reap rewards sooner. If you’re like me, your own marketing takes a lot longer to accomplish than client work. Time ticks on an on. And during that time—you don’t have that new logo, that brochure, or that website you’ve been meaning to redesign. How long will you go without? And how many opportunities will you miss because of it? Don’t push it off. Ask for help.
  2. Everything will be easier. Ever notice how time flies when you’re in the zone? By doing the things we love best, and learning the things we’re most interested in, we get to be in the zone where effort feels good.
  3. Your business will grow. You’ll actually have time to focus on growing your business, enhancing your skills and getting better clients.
  4. Your passions will grow. You don’t have to do everything. Do what you’re good at. Focus on your passions. It’s the only way they’ll get stronger—and you’ll grow continually more fulfilled.
  5. Clarity and choices. Having help gives you time for clarity. Instead of doing everything, you can choose what you want to do. It’s eye-opening, and it will help you pinpoint your values (which just makes everything better)!
  6. Did you do the work or not? Nobody needs to know.
  7. What a great idea! Some of my best accomplishments were spurred by great ideas and input from others. When you do things yourself—you’re only getting your own perspective. Partners provide expertise and great ideas you never thought of. Your client wins, and you win.

Do I ask for help? Yup!

As I continue to build the business I love, I get exceedingly better at asking for help. (High-five, Jill!) When it’s something I could do myself, but I know someone else could do it faster or better—I get help. Do I have a trusted network of developers, copywriters and designers? You’d better believe it! Their work is awesome. They help me maximize quality, while maximizing my time. Shazam!

Feel any differently about asking for help? I hope so. Especially if you’re carrying 6 shopping bags, or you’re getting bleary-eyed from map reading.

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