8 Tips to Find Blog Ideas

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What should I write about?

If this question keeps you up at night, I’ve been there. But the real question to ask is this: What keeps your ideal clients up at night? Because in that question, you’ll find your answer.

In Ilise Benun’s recent blog post, she says: “When I tell my mentoring clients that their marketing should be focused on their ideal clients, what I really mean is that it should speak to their clients’ ‘pain points.’”

Where to find those pain points? Ilise writes: “I would start with an industry event or conference, where the speakers and topics address those issues (i.e. their pain points). Because in the same way that the list of attendees could be your prospecting list, a schedule of speakers and topics could also be your list of pain points.”

Then she proceeded to share some links and resources for people whose niche is nonprofits.

I love this idea of looking at conferences to find blog topics! So, I’m going to start my list of tips by borrowing this concept from Ilise:

Tip #1: Look at conference sessions for blog ideas

Since my audience is creative professionals, I keep an eye on conferences like these:

  • AIGA
  • HOW Design Conference
  • Revolve conference
  • Adobe Max

 Tip #2: Know your audience really, really well

How well do you know your audience? Let’s say your audience is working moms. The more you climb inside their heads, the more you understand:

  • They need quick meal ideas
  • They want to maximize their work so they have more time for their kids
  • They probably beat themselves up a lot

This list can and should go on and on and on. Never stop learning about your ideal clients and their wants, fears, needs and victories!

Tip #3: Pay close attention when you talk to your clients

When you talk to your actual clients and prospects—whether on working calls or free consultations—pay attention to what they ask you and what challenges they’re facing. These are the seeds of blog posts!

Tip #4: Build idea-mining into your process

One of the questions I ask on my intake questionnaire is, “Why are you taking action now? What would happen if you didn’t?” This particular question is a goldmine of important information for me. It’s actually why I did my free report on getting your website done.

Tip #5: Tune into the “competition”

Pay attention to what your colleagues and competitors are talking about—because when we stop seeing them as rivals, we can learn a heck of a lot. Their musings might spark your own ideas and highlight your unique perspective.

Tip #6: Keep a running list

I keep a list of ideas on my phone at easy access, because they pop up in random places at random times. And I usually have to retain them right away, or poof!

Tip #7: Think like them. Not like you.

When considering ideas, you might think, “Oh, that’s kind of obvious”—but of course it is TO YOU…you’re an expert on this kinda stuff! Your clients can absolutely benefit from stuff that’s “obvious” to you. They’re experts at other stuff, not the stuff you know. Got it?!

Tip #8: Be the voice of authority

Don’t be generic. Be you. Share what YOU know. Share YOUR unique perspective and what you’ve learned. Not everybody has to align with what you’re saying…but your ideal clients will…and that’s what matters most!

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