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2015, by the numbers

If you saw my 2013 and 2014 recaps, you’ll notice that something is missing from my 2015 by the numbers. Candy Crush. I quit…proving you can, in fact, have too much of a good thing. However, after returning from maternity leave, I did re-introduce something I had also … Read On ›

Kicking my sidebar out the door…

Remember the old days of the web? Back when everyone looked at websites on the same-sized monitor? Back when the fold was really important? Back then, sidebars were a wonderful way to fill-up space and provide more info. They maximized above-the-fold space and helped you avoid spanning the entire computer … Read On ›

2014, by the numbers

I love recapping a year in numbers. There’s something about fitting a whole year into a neat little blog post that makes me feel like anything is possible. You might remember that in last year’s tally, I had beaten 421 levels in Candy Crush. Now—I’ve mastered 751. And … Read On ›

7 ways to make your web developer adore you

Many of my clients love design, but don’t really love (or have time to handle) the intricacies and ever-changing nature of web development. Being the web geek that I am—that’s exactly my specialty. And it’s why clients partner with me to handle development for them. You do … Read On ›

How’d I do? My 2013 in numbers.

Happy 2014, friends! Whenever I see a fun yearly recap, I think, “It’s cool to know there’s a human behind this business.” So today, I’d like to provide a little peek behind the curtain at Jill Lynn Design. Even though my Candy Crush score might lead you to … Read On ›

It might be time for a website refresh if…

If your website is fairly up-to-date (meaning it's been designed and built within the last 2 years), you are generally happy with the overall design aesthetic and brand message, but you have a few changes you'd like to see, you might be in the market for a website refresh. This … Read On ›

6 Ways to Make Your Online Forms Easy to Use

Imagine this - your perfect, ideal client is browsing your website. They like what they see and are intrigued by your services. You have a few calls to action strategically placed on your site and this prospect decides to take the next step. They make a conscious … Read On ›