Balance: Design Principle No. 3

If you’re bike riding, it’s balance that keeps you upright (and keeps you moving forward instead of going nowhere)!

In web design, balance is the distribution of visual weight in a design to provide stability and structure. Balance can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. See what I mean in today’s installment of Applying the 7 Principles of Design to WordPress, where I’m sharing some tips and examples of balance being used in WordPress design.

Example: Monte Ré


The Monte Ré site is symmetrically balanced—everything is centered. Each section is evenly designed with the text and graphics. Buttons and form fields have similar styling making for an overall balanced viewing experience.

Example: Fresh Coffee Beans Delivered


The Fresh Coffee Beans Delivered site is asymmetrical. Different blocks switch up the layout, yet the site starts and ends with balance. This approach is different than symmetrical balance, but the result in the same—a balanced user experience.

Tips to create balance

  • Balance can be symmetrical or asymmetrical
  • Use text and graphic elements to create balance in individual sections
  • Don’t go crazy with too many contrasting elements—retaining the overall stability and structure of the design is what really matters

Any great examples of balance to add? Please post them in the comments. Next up—Design Principle No. 4: Unity.

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