WordPress for directory websites? Absolutely!

One of my favorite things to do is show the many capabilities of WordPress…and today, I’m sharing how wonderful WordPress is for creating directory websites. 

Here are some directory or listing-based websites I’ve created using my ever-competent friend, WordPress. 

Examples of WordPress directory websites

DudeRanch.com WordPress directory website


DudeRanch.com displays dude and guest ranch vacation destinations. Travelers can find ranches across the United States, Mexico and Canada. Advertisers can choose from a variety of listing packages.

SEOJobs.com WordPress directory website


SEOJobs.com lists different SEO jobs across the globe. Here, folks can post a job, or a job-wanted post. They can choose between creating a free listing—or a silver, gold or platinum listing, which offer more visibility and longevity. 

HayforSale.com WordPress directory website


HayForSale.com is all about hay! Whether you want to buy hay, or sell hay, this is the site where it all happens. Folks can choose a free listing or upgrade to Silver or Gold.

SavannahWedding.com WordPress directory website


SavannahWedding.com shares businesses in the Savannah-area (photographers, florists and venues) to help couples with their wedding planning. Local businesses can easily submit free or paid listings. 

How do I use WordPress to create directory websites?

On the sites I develop, users can submit a free listing, or they can pay for an upgraded listing using e-commerce functionality (because WordPress is also awesome at ecommerce). When a company submits a listing, it creates a post that’s pending, for the administrator to approve. And on the sites above, all of these listings are visible to anyone who visits the website.

With a WordPress directory website, the options are endless. Coupled with great design and keyword-rich content, the functionality of your directory website can be set up the best way that works for you:

  • Businesses can create a variety of free or paid listings (with integrated checkout)
  • Listings can be approved by the administrator, or automatically
  • Listings can be set up to expire in a set timeframe, based on the plan chosen

Want to create a directory website using WordPress?

Here are some handy-dandy plugins to get you started:

WordPress isn’t just for selling courses and memberships, or running virtual conferences, or ecommerce websites—it’s also for directory websites!

You can use WordPress for everything—and that’s why I love it so much. 

Ready to explore how WordPress can help you achieve your goals? Let’s talk.

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