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How I named my business

Other creatives who are in the process of choosing a business name often ask how I chose mine, Jill Lynn Design. Today, I’m going to tell you this riveting (not!) tale… My naming wasn’t full of drama, research, excitement or nail-biting, because I guess I’ve always thought that ultimately, … Read On ›

So you want to start a newsletter, do ya?

Have you ever gotten a newsletter from someone who was “excited to start” their “monthly newsletter” and then fell off the planet? Perhaps they re-entered your inbox a year later and apologized for not sending a newsletter in so long—then disappeared again? THIS, my friends, is what we … Read On ›

So you want to start a blog, do ya?

Let’s face it—few things are worse than an outdated blog. If you go to somebody’s site and the last post was in 2013, you wonder if they’re still in business—don’t you? So if you want to start a blog, this black hole must be avoided. You’ve gotta commit … Read On ›

Your free report: 9 tips to make it awesome

A few years ago, my aunt gave me some tacky dish towels. Though thoughtful, the frilly mauve lace didn’t quite fit into my kitchen. Not all gifts are created equal. You already know why a free report on your website is essential. It's a great incentive to get folks … Read On ›

Are you hiding behind the “we”? I vs. we

Now that you’ve banished your info email address, let’s talk about another way you can be totally YOU in your business—authentic, transparent and uber-attractive. I work with a lot of solo people/freelancers/indies. When I started doing design in 2002, everyone was trying to act like a multiple-person business. … Read On ›

Say goodbye to your “info” email address

When you email info@company.com, do you feel excited? Do you feel confident that you’ll get a response? Probably not. We all know that most of the time, emailing “info” is like sending our query into a black hole. Will somebody respond? Who will it be? A person? … Read On ›

It might be time for a website refresh if…

If your website is fairly up-to-date (meaning it's been designed and built within the last 2 years), you are generally happy with the overall design aesthetic and brand message, but you have a few changes you'd like to see, you might be in the market for a website refresh. This … Read On ›

All You Need Is These 5 Pages!

Thinking of starting a new website or revising your current one? But the thought of what pages to include and what content to include on each page baffles you? Well, worry no longer, my friend. Here's a quick and easy primer to get you started on the only … Read On ›