4 Tips for a Website-friendly Photo Shoot

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Every great website needs great pictures—authentic ones that reflect your brand’s personality so your audience can get a glimpse into who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

How do you get these awesome, personality-rich images? This usually means a photo shoot—a term that can conjure up fear and panic in folks.

I assure you, a photo shoot is worthwhile…and it doesn’t have to scare you! With a few tips and a capable human behind the camera, you can get custom photos that will connect better than any stock photo possibly could.

While I’m not a photography expert, I do know what kind of photos work well on websites. Today, I want to give you a few pointers on getting great images that will enhance your website.

Tips for authentic website images

Ensure your website’s images powerfully support your message like this:

  1. Don’t be afraid to show personality. Try to be more authentic in your photos—not posed. (As I’ve talked about before, inauthentic photos just don’t cut it!) Get photos where you and your team members are actually doing day-to-day stuff in your environment. You want to capture the personality of your business and what it actually feels like to work with you…so stop trying to imitate corporate stock photos.
  2. Maximize variety. Get an assortment of shots, not just headshots. You want different angles, backgrounds, colors and textures. You’ll want some with people looking at the camera and some where they’re invested in an activity. Get creative and versatile; you’ll end up with a stronger selection to choose from.
  3. Leave space. Ideally you want to leave lots of space in the photos for copy or design—so don’t crop all the photos! Leave lots of room for other stuff. A good example of this is Ed Gandia’s photos—by photographer Teryl Jackson—on the website I created recently.
  4. Do it. Hire a photographer. Yes, people can take really good photos with their phone—and that’s an option if you have someone who is especially talented in that area…or if you really have to take the low-budget option—but there’s nothing like a pro who does this kind of thing every day. Find a photographer who has experience doing office shots that capture personality. Make sure you like their portfolio. And provide them examples before the shoot (I can help with that).

An awesome example—Memphis Ice Machine Co.

Memphis Ice technician wearing shirt with logo on back

One of my longtime clients, Memphis Ice Machine Co., recently did a photo shoot to coordinate with their website revamp and infuse more personality and life beyond what stock photos of ice were capable of.  The business is an ice machine distributor who serves an area of 150 miles from Memphis. They’re a local business (not a giant, faceless company), they have a fleet of trucks, a team of employees who are like family, and strong relationships with their clients.

It’s this personal touch that makes them so successful—yet their websites images weren’t showing that off. With the expertise of a local photographer, Memphis Ice has great, new, personality-rich photos which are breathing new life into their freshly-updated website. They did a super job of implementing all of these tips with a combination of action, personal, product and team shots. My favorite ones are seeing people in their shirts, working on an ice machine and selecting parts.

More examples of websites with engaging photography

Here are some other client websites that have benefitted from photo shoots:

When it comes to custom photos, you can feel the value and quality! I promise…the investment is worth it.

If you need a website that brings your business to life, let’s talk.

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