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Website Calls-to-Action Done Right

When it comes to your website calls-to-action, are you asking for something? Making the next step easy? Are viewers taking action? What if you can take things a step further—and use your website calls-to-action to seal the deal with ideal prospects? Alas, you can. And in this comprehensive post, I’m going … Read On ›

Why & how I’m refreshing my website…

I do it for my clients every day—so why does it take 18 months to refresh my own website? No more of this lag-behind! I’m going to jump into 2015 with your help. Today, I’m using this post to keep me on track and accountable. Here’s an inventory of … Read On ›

Get your free report done. Here’s how.

Last time, I talked about the two types of peeps visiting your website—planners and builders. The planners are looking for information, and a free report is a perfect way to win their hearts (and their email addresses)! To help you create a rockin’ free report, here are … Read On ›

Your free report: 9 tips to make it awesome

A few years ago, my aunt gave me some tacky dish towels. Though thoughtful, the frilly mauve lace didn’t quite fit into my kitchen. Not all gifts are created equal. You already know why a free report on your website is essential. It's a great incentive to get folks … Read On ›