Out with the old (socks). In with the new.


Have you rolled into 2021 with a to-do list that’s longer than ever? It’s March—how much have you accomplished?

Do you keep piling things on your plate, and trying to do it all?

How about we replace this?

Yes. Apparently, we don’t have to keep doing this. We can (and should) reassess our businesses to decide what’s not working—and replace it with something new. Something that does work.

It’s so simple, but this idea never really occurred to me. Sure, I kept looking for new and better—but I wasn’t getting rid of anything that was old and not-so-great.

I had a moment of clarity recently when my business coach, Ilise Benun, talked about replacing socks at the virtual Marketing Mentor retreat in January.

Ilise throws away two pairs when she buys one new pair. This means her sock drawer is always full of functional socks in good condition, and it’s not overflowing. Plus, as time passes, it gets even more streamlined with fewer socks.

I only replace socks when they get holes in them. But it sounds like it’s time to replace even before then. Pretty much, we can stop shoving socks into our sock drawer and ramming it closed.

If it’s not functioning, we can replace it.

Here’s more on the Marketing Mentor blog on what I’m replacing and what I’m embracing in 2021.

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Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

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