Domain renewal letter? Totally bogus.

domain renewal letter scam

Have you received a domain renewal letter telling you it’s time to renew your domain or annual listing—and asking for payment?

Don’t take these seriously and don’t send them money.

My clients (and I) have gotten letters in the mail that look all legit, saying they are from the Domain Network Authority or something “official” like that. They state that they are for domain renewal, website domain authority, listing maintenance, annual listings, etc. and the associated cost is ridiculously high, like $300 or $500.

domain renewal letter
Bogus domain renewal letter scam


This is not legit at all! It’s bogus! You have my full permission to throw these letters away.

I have never seen a bill come in the mail for any of my online service regarding domains and hosting. All of the billing for my many, many online services is handled online. I get emails; never actual snail mail.

Sure, I’ve gotten postcards for Google Ads, but that’s just marketing; they aren’t asking for payment. 

If you receive a domain renewal letter or questionable piece of mail (or email for that matter), here are some tips and things to consider:

  1. Your domain registrar is likely never going to send you a letter.
  2. Most domain registration services are going to offer you options to renew for one year, two years, or three years—and it won’t be terribly expensive. Maybe $20 bucks a year per domain? Definitely not $500!
  3. If you forget who your registrar is, or just aren’t sure, there are free services like ICANN Lookup that can help. ICANN will show you who your registrant is, and when your domain expires.
  4. If you think the request might be real, don’t go to the URL that is listed on the letter or email, or call the phone number that is listed. Never click on any links. Go directly to the URL of your service provider and log in using your login information. Or call your provider’s customer service line directly. If the request you received is actually from the company, there will be notifications in your account.
  5.  Always be vigilant about scams and other avoidable website nightmares.

And if you’re ever confused and you’re my client, just ask me.

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