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It’s okay to scroll on a website

Sometimes clients ask me: “Is the page too long? How can we reduce the scroll?” And here’s my answer: Stop worrying that your page is too long. If you’re designing the website strategically, and speaking clearly to the right audience, a “long” page with relevant information can be exactly what … Read On ›

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What is website accessibility—and do you have it?

What is website accessibility or an ADA compliant website? Why do you need it? And how can you tell if you have it? All websites should be accessible and ADA compliant, meaning, anybody with any disability or ability can use the site.  This isn’t just for blind people who … Read On ›

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Website Calls-to-Action Done Right

When it comes to your website calls-to-action, are you asking for something? Making the next step easy? Are viewers taking action? What if you can take things a step further—and use your website calls-to-action to seal the deal with ideal prospects? Alas, you can. And in this comprehensive post, I’m going … Read On ›

Are pop-ups an effective marketing tool?

The halfway step in finishing your website (as defined in my free report: Get Your Website Done: 12 Actionable Steps for Designers) is to choose your call to action. Pretty much, you have to figure out what you want your website visitors to do—then tell them in the best … Read On ›

6 Ways to Make Your Online Forms Easy to Use

Imagine this - your perfect, ideal client is browsing your website. They like what they see and are intrigued by your services. You have a few calls to action strategically placed on your site and this prospect decides to take the next step. They make a conscious … Read On ›

Are your viewers taking action on your site?

You're sending out newsletters, participating on social media sites, and generally putting yourself out there for folks to find you. Your marketing machine is in full swing and people are coming to your website. Great! So, now what do you want them to do? A website, like any … Read On ›