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It’s okay to scroll on a website

Sometimes clients ask me: “Is the page too long? How can we reduce the scroll?” And here’s my answer: Stop worrying that your page is too long. If you’re designing the website strategically, and speaking clearly to the right audience, a “long” page with relevant information can be exactly what … Read On ›

Is your website retina-ready?

Did you know that your images need to be twice as big to display properly on a Retina Display? If not, now you do. And the time to make sure your images look great is now! Retina Display is an Apple-term that refers to screens that have a high pixel … Read On ›

Get rid of your cookies + clean up that cache

But cookies are yummy . . . why would I want to get rid of them? Can't I just eat them instead? Cookies, in Internet speak, are small text files that websites temporarily store on your computer. They contain data such as form entries, shopping cart items, login … Read On ›