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Should you work with a business coach?

When is it time to work with a business coach? Several people have asked this question lately—and I have opinions! I have been working with Ilise Benun for five years. There’s something about having somebody to share your progress with on a regular basis that’s monumental in helping you … Read On ›

Stop getting walked all over

Why do creatives let people walk all over them? I’m dropping a truth-bomb today. There are too many creatives who let clients step all over them. As a freelancer, you are not someone’s servant—you are someone’s partner—hired to help them accomplish something important. So maybe you’re lacking in confidence. … Read On ›

Client Red Flags: 11 Signs of a Bad Client

“I should have paid attention to the red flags.” Freelancers often say this about a project that has gone wrong. And it’s true. Most of the time, in hindsight, there were red flags. But if we pay attention to them sooner, we can eliminate problem projects from the get-go … Read On ›

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Is an online scheduler impersonal?

I talk a lot about increasing efficiency (most recently in my client intake process), and I’ve been thinking about how I can do it by integrating an online scheduler with my calendar. When I’m trying to schedule a meeting with a client or new prospect, I want … Read On ›

A client wants to work with you. Now what?

Finding clients gets talked about a lot. But what to do once you have them…not so much! For designers, there is so much that goes into starting a business. Lots of stuff I didn’t really think about when I started. Like what the heck to do once you have a … Read On ›

Want a simple client intake process? Check this out.

Lots of clients say my onboarding process is easy-peasy and super straightforward. They want to do the same thing for their businesses instead of 55 emails containing estimates, contracts, and questionnaires—and a big giant dose of back-and-forth. So today, I’m pulling back the curtain! Want a client … Read On ›

Take your testimonials to the next level

You’ve heard all about the tools I love. In addition to these tools, there is something else I totally dig in a major way—testimonials! Want to clinch a prospect? Want to show your credibility? These little gems are the best way to do it. If you aren’t actively … Read On ›