Should you teach a Skillshare class?

When Skillshare reached out to me looking for more teachers in the technology category—I thought: Why not? I’ll give it whirl. I can teach a Skillshare class. It’s a way to create some passive income and it’s suited to my introverted nature (because I can hide behind my monitor and do everything).

But after working through the process and developing my Skillshare class: From Print to Web: The Fundamentals of Web Typography—I realized I got so much more than just creating passive income.

How it worked…

Dipping my toe into teaching started with Skillshare’s 30-Day Teaching Challenge. This program guides you through the whole process of creating your course. It involved due dates, feedback, milestones, resources-galore and even prizes! I loved the way the whole thing was structured. Plus, their staff is smiley and happy and helpful. My favorite part? The process kept me on-track and actually helped me get my class finished. I was super-pumped with the outcome and pretty darn proud of myself!

In terms of results…

First of all, it was a completely fun, supportive experience that felt really awesome. So it gets an A+ for feel-good-factor. When it comes to more tangible results, it helped me share some knowledge (with 69 students so far), gain some new newsletter subscribers, and make a few extra dollars ($200 so far). *Money-wise: There’s lots of potential if you’re willing to work hard. Some people make lots and do it full-time.

Are you ready to teach a Skillshare class?

Initially I hesitated—Me, a teacher?!—but ANYONE can teach a class on Skillshare (as long as it adheres to their publishing guidelines. And the truth is…the stuff that seems like no big deal to us can be really helpful to other people. You should teach a Skillshare class if:

  • You have a topic that you could teach (in an hour or less)
  • You’re comfortable doing the technology side of the things: recording video, putting together a presentation (and/or learning how to)
  • You’re willing to market the course (it’s marketed by them as well)
  • You dig the idea of sharing some knowledge

What can you teach?

From the Skillshare website:

Skillshare classes fall into a wide variety of topics, including Design, Photography, Business, Entrepreneurship, Film, Fashion, Music, Technology, Writing, Creativity and more, provided they meet our standards for minimum education. We built Skillshare for anyone—around the world—who has the drive to never stop learning.

In my course, From Print to Web: The Fundamentals of Web Typography, I taught the differences between desktop and web fonts, how to add fonts to a website, and the basic HTML and CSS code for setting and styling type. Here’s the link:

Want to sign up? Use this special link to enroll AND get 2 free months of Premium Skillshare.

I’m starting to think about my next Skillshare class. Please let me know if there’s anything you really want to learn. And, did you teach a Skillshare (or other) class? Please share the link in the comments!


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