Pete the Planner

Pete the Planner® is a radio host, author, USA Today columnist, and personal finance expert.

The Challenge

Pete wanted a website that showcases him and as an authority and expert in personal finance. He wanted to create a more cohesive look and user experience among his marketing, blog, and eCommerce sites as they were using three different themes and a myriad of design styles, type treatments, and visuals.

The Solution

I worked with Pete’s marketing team on a new website design with simplified visuals. The new design features bold and colorful photography, graphics and typography which compliments Pete’s vibrant personality. The site design and layout strategically features lead generation calls-to-action. For the website development, we combined the marketing and blog sites into one, unified experience and updated the existing WooCommerce shop with the new design. I also provide ongoing WordPress maintenance.

Pete the Planner responsive WordPress website Pete the Planner WordPress page