Penguin Albums

Penguin Albums creates heirloom albums exclusively for professional photographers.

The Challenge

The husband and wife team of Penguin Albums approached me about launching a new WordPress website. Given the visual nature of their industry, they were looking for a partner with great design and branding skills in addition to web development chops. They also wanted to integrate eCommerce so customers could build each album by choosing various options (cover material, page count, type of paper, etc.) and purchase online. Each customer account also needed to be approved before viewing prices and placing orders.

The Solution

Using beautiful photographs provided by the client, I designed a modern and crisp website that showcases the photography and presents the content in a straightforward format. I then built a custom WordPress site with the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin and set up each album as a step-by-step composite product to allow photographers to easily build their album and checkout. I integrated the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On so customers can create accounts on their own and the client can approve accounts before granting access to the site.

screenshots of responsive WordPress website mockup of WordPress web page ipad screenshot of website design mobile screenshots of website design mockups of web pages