Parfait Studio

Parfait Studio writes and designs for vegan and animal-friendly folks.

The Challenge

Robin Ridley came to me to collaborate on a new website for her creative services. She wanted to move away from her cutesy branding to a more professional and friendly design that appeals to the vegan market. Her static website was over 7 years old and she couldn’t easily make updates.

The Solution

With my guidance, Robin provided the design mockups in Adobe Illustrator and I built her a custom WordPress website that allows her writing to shine with a blog and portfolio that she can effortlessly update. I continue to support Robin with ongoing website maintenance.

“From the start, I warned Jill about my nit-pickiness, but she handled my perfectionistic tendencies with patience and good humor.

“Typically, when I design a website and hand it off to a developer for coding, I’m prepared to view a semi-rough version of what I’ve created and subsequently type up a long punch list of changes. That never happened with Jill: she understood my vision and nailed it on the first try.”

Robin H. Ridley