Laura Vanderkam

Laura Vanderkam is a writer, author, and speaker who helps people spend more time on what matters, and less on what doesn’t.

The Challenge

Laura Vanderkam had a non-responsive, 5-year-old WordPress site that was in need of a mobile-friendly fresh look that would allow for continued growth. As she serves predominately working mothers that are strapped for time, the site needed to be easy to use—for Laura, her team, and her readers. The new site also needed a structure to present Laura’s wide range of content including published books, a new podcast, blog, media appearances, and speaking engagements.

The Solution

Using Laura’s current logo, typefaces, and color palette, I created an engaging design that focuses heavily on content. I then developed a custom WordPress site that is easy for Laura and her team to update, and easy for readers to comment and share blog posts and podcasts. Strategically placed opt-in forms with a lead generation magnet allows Laura to continue to grow her impressive email list and is setup in a way that allows her team easy management of MailChimp forms and lists. I continue to support Laura with ongoing website maintenance.

responsive WordPress web design mockup of WordPress web page ipad screenshot of web page design screenshots of mobile web design mockups of WordPress web pages