Ed Gandia

Ed Gandia is a business-building coach and strategist for ambitious business writers and copywriters.

The Challenge

Ed and his team came to me with an outdated WordPress website that wasn’t positioning him as an authority to his target audience of writers and copywriters. He also wanted to speak to two different types of freelance writers (newbie and established) and offer engaging content tailored to both groups.

The Solution

I created a fresh and approachable website design with an updated color palette and lots of whitespace. The site features two clearly defined lead magnet areas with bold colors and iconography that instills confidence and entices viewers to opt-in to his list. I ported over Ed’s existing WordPress blog and podcast content and created two distinct areas for each content type. The WordPress backend is easy to update, and I continue to support Ed and his team with ongoing website maintenance.

“I’m grateful for our talented web designer Jill Anderson who worked beautifully under pressure ... and who somehow figured out how to make me look good. ;-)”

Ed Gandia