Connect with Copy

Connect with Copy is a copywriting partner to web designers.

The Challenge

Deidre Rienzo of Connect with Copy and I have worked together on many projects over the years including my own blog content, so I was thrilled when she came to me looking for a new website to appeal to creative firms and service-providers who need help bringing across their brand personality, voice, value. Her old WordPress site was dull and lifeless and she wanted to continue to use WordPress and maintain her blog.

The Solution

Using bold colors, friendly typography, and a contrast of kitschy elements with elegant patterns, I created an approachable, beautiful website design that connects with Deidre’s target audience and positions her as a high-caliber creative professional who is fun and easy to work with. I also developed a custom WordPress site that is easy for Deidre to add information to such as new projects and testimonials. The site features a lead generation section to entice viewers to sign up for her newsletter by offering a free download. I continue to support Deidre with ongoing website maintenance.

“I adore you, Jill Anderson!

“You are a genius—cool, patient and phenomenally talented. Everybody raves about you, and I’ve gotten to witness your smarts through our work together—but seeing your process first-hand was an honor. It’s not just about the amazing results (it’s pretty damn amazing!)—but all the care, big ideas, concepts and thoughtful details you added to make this extra-special.”

Deidre Rienzo
Deidre Rienzo