Is your website ready for 2019?

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Vroom, vroom. We’re driving into 2019, and today I want to help you make sure your website is a super-stretch limo—not a golf cart. (A giant limo can fit way more people and bring them to Work-with-you-ville!)

Your website is 2019-ready if you can answer yes to these questions: 

Is it easy to update?

Can you add and edit content? Can you update your blog and your pages? If not, the site probably isn’t helping you grow because it doesn’t have any flexibility. As your business changes, your website needs to be able to change along with it—without frustrating the heck out of you. If you site is difficult to update, a CMS like WordPress might be on your holiday list.

Is it responsive?

Does your website look good on every size device, small or large? From mobile phones to large monitors, you website should not only look appealing by sizing up or down appropriately—but also be easy to use and easy for the reader to engage with your content.

Does it have clear calls to action?

Your site should actually be helping people take the next step and do something. Are you defining that next step by saying, “Schedule a consult” or “Fill out this form”? And is that call-to-action working? If you don’t know whether it’s working, some analytics may be helpful. Are your viewers taking action on your site?

Does it speak to your ideal clients?

To excel in 2019, you want to be positioning yourself on your website by speaking directly to the needs of your ideal clients. Yes, you should be as specific as possible! The content and design should be reflective of the business you have and want, based on the need you answer and the people you help. A vague website that speaks to “everybody” is not going to cut it. Here’s an example of how to focus.

Are you happy when you look at it?

Yes, you should be happy and proud when you look at your website. If your website makes you cringe, or you have to look away because it’s so scary, then it’s definitely not ready for the year ahead. You should abso-freaking-lutely get to feel warm and fuzzy when you look at your website!

Does it look current?

Even if you love the way your outdated site looks, you need to consider if your ideal clients will love it, too—especially when viewed in context of today’s online landscape. Of course, some design principles are timeless, like clean, crisp layouts, bold typography and appropriate use of color. But web design isn’t timeless…a website needs to be updated to stay current looking. Although trends come and go, some stick around and need to be considered. So if your website looks different than the modern, beautiful sites you’re seeing out there, it may be time for a revamp.

Does it have an SSL certificate?

This may sound harsh, but if your website does not have an SSL certificate by now, you’re venturing into “lazy” territory in addition to doing your website a huge disservice. Don’t let web visitors see a security warning. Get SSL.

I love designing and developing WordPress websites because WordPress helps me ensure the answer will be yes to all of these questions above, and then some.

If your website isn’t ready for 2019…

If it’s not completely representing the business you want

Don’t wait another year. Let’s talk.

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