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Creatives need contracts. Here’s a free resource.

Tennis players need rackets. Potters need clay. Guitar players need guitars. And as a creative professional, there are certain tools you NEED to get your work done: your computer, your software, etc... A contract is just as important as your other tools. It’s critical in helping you get your work done. As … Read On ›

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How I named my business

Other creatives who are in the process of choosing a business name often ask how I chose mine, Jill Lynn Design. Today, I’m going to tell you this riveting (not!) tale… My naming wasn’t full of drama, research, excitement or nail-biting, because I guess I’ve always thought that ultimately, … Read On ›

Is writing estimates/proposals painful?

Do you get excited when talking with prospects about a potential project—only to get very un-excited when it’s time to sit down and write the proposal? I used to dread doing proposals too. They would take forever. And I never knew if the client would like what I … Read On ›

Repeat after me: No.

Today I want to share a very real scenario that’s plaguing business owners everywhere. It looks something like this… Your brain: “I should say no to this request.” Your mouth: “Sure, no problem!” When you mind says no, but your mouth keeps saying yes, you get yourself into quite the … Read On ›

Should you work with a business coach?

When is it time to work with a business coach? Several people have asked this question lately—and I have opinions! I have been working with Ilise Benun for five years. There’s something about having somebody to share your progress with on a regular basis that’s monumental in helping you … Read On ›