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Stop looking around the room.

Picture this: You’re at a networking event, drink in-hand, and somebody approaches you and tries to sell whatever-it-is. They’re looking over your head, and around the room, while talking at you. You wonder why they’re talking to you if they’re not actually talking to you. It’s happened … Read On ›

Voila! My refreshed homepage.

Last month, I shared the why and how behind my fabulous website rejuvenation. Although it took me forever to take action, sharing the to-dos with you finally got my butt in gear. Thanks for keeping me accountable! Since it’s usually the first place visitors see, I started with … Read On ›

Are you hiding behind the “we”? I vs. we

Now that you’ve banished your info email address, let’s talk about another way you can be totally YOU in your business—authentic, transparent and uber-attractive. I work with a lot of solo people/freelancers/indies. When I started doing design in 2002, everyone was trying to act like a multiple-person business. … Read On ›