Santa says: Call them to action! (Part 3)

Now that you know your two types of website visitors and how to call your planners to action, I’m going to share the best way to call your builders to action.

Builders are ready to take the next step and get in touch—but “Call me for a free consultation” might not be the best approach.

Why? Because if a prospect is serious about taking the next step and talking to you, it’s a perfect time to gather some valuable information, further qualify them, and continue to show what makes you special so that they really want to work with you (instead of just talk to you).

Call to Action #2 (for the builders):

Have a Contact page that allows them to set up a free consultation

A yummy contact form can do a lot more than just get a name and email address. I use mine to ask a few questions that help me see if the client and project are a good fit. Yes, you can include your phone number. Some people really do prefer the phone—and that’s okay. But if you have a good online form, filling it out becomes a favorable option for most.

On my contact page, I ask (and provide answer choices) for the following questions:

  • What is your immediate need?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your deadline?
  • Give me the scoop on your design needs.
  • What’s your level of technical know-how?
  • Are you a graphic designer?

I also ask these open-ended questions:

  • Why are you reaching out now? In other words, what would happen if you did nothing at all?
  • Briefly describe your company.
  • How did you find me?
  • Anything else you’d like to share?

It only takes a few minutes for my prospect to fill out, and helps provide both of us with clarity.

5 great ways to use your contact form include:

  1. Speak to the types of services you offer. I use mine to have my prospect define the type of service they need. Usually, if they are serious about working together, they have a clear idea of what they’re looking for.
  2. Ask questions to see if they’d be a good fit. I know most of my ideal clients are somewhat tech savvy. When clients aren’t email users—working together becomes tougher. I use my form to find out.
  3. Weed people out. The form itself will scare away the tire kickers. If they won’t take a few minutes to fill out your form, are they really going to be good clients?
  4. Set expectations. Showing some budget options and timeframe options is a great way to set expectations. You’re not going to work for free, and you’re not going to get it done tomorrow.
  5. Get specific. On my form, if you select that you’re a graphic designer, I ask another question to see what you’d like from a web designer (me). Shhh, all of the answers are correct – but it helps me tell you stuff about me and get to know you better.

The whole point? When your “builder” hits submit, they feel really good and they’re excited for you to get in touch. They have a better idea of the kind and quality of services you provide, and they also know that you understand their needs. They may have come looking for a good price, but your form further instills that you’re selling great service (which is worth paying more for).

And in case you’re not quite convinced—here’s yet another benefit on an online form: info can be directly imported into Freshbooks taking extra steps out of invoice or estimate creation.

Happy holidays and Happy 2014! May your ideal clients and project be plentiful this year.

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