Santa says: Call them to action! (Part 1)

You write Santa a letter— then he brings you a present. When it comes to Santa, there is a direct call to action (the letter asking for what you want) and the action (Santa bringing your gift).

When it comes to your website, are you asking for something? Making the next step easy? Are viewers taking action? What if you can take things a step further—and use your calls to action to seal the deal with ideal prospects?

Alas, you can. And over the next couple of days, I’m going to play Santa’s little helper and share how calls to action can:

  • Turn your website into a funnel for ideal clients and projects.
  • Secure your perfectness for the project.
  • Weed out the not-so-great prospects.
  • Gather info & save you time.

First, let’s look at who is on your website. (It all starts with your audience and what they need!) Who are they? Where are they at in the buying process? Your website visitors generally fall into two separate roles:

  1. Gingerbread house planners. These planners envision a beautiful project, and they hope to take action in the future, so they are evaluating and info gathering. They are trying to find the right people and learn more about the process.
  2. Gingerbread house builders. These people have a scope of work in mind and have probably broken ground. They are in the do it stage. They are decision makers, and they’ve thought about budget.

Everyone should take action when visiting your website. But not every visitor should take the same action. Each role gets their own call to action (because they have different needs). It’s the same reason you give a hungry kid a snack—but give a tired kid a nap.

For the planners

  • You must: capture their information so you can stay in touch—and give them something useful that shows your expertise and makes them comfortable!
  • How to do it? A freebie download that speaks directly to their needs.

For the builders

  • You must: make yourself accessible for the next step, while at the same time, helping them and you determine if they’re an ideal client.
  • How to do it? An amazing contact form.

Where should you put these calls to action?

On every page! Yes, every page on your website should have these two calls to action—and that’s it. Don’t confuse them with a whole bunch of options.  Your visitor’s choice should be: either this, or that.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you, specifically, how to put the icing on the gingerbread house. And yes, that’s a sweet, giant metaphor for getting your visitor take action that results in an ideal project.

About Jill Anderson

Hi, I’m Jill, a WordPress web designer/developer who partners with talented designers, copywriters, and agencies on their websites, and their client’s sites. I’m passionate about crafting beautiful and innovative WordPress websites focused on clear positioning and positive user experiences.


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